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Texas | New York | Florida | Italy | Cape Coral Web Designers to be exact.  We engineer to suit your needs.  If your business demands it, we can make it happen and we wont stop until you're happy.  This is what separates us from everyone else...we don't just want, we NEED you to be different.  We refuse to let our clients accept a pre-packaged design from GoDaddy or Intuit.  You NEED a great look and you NEED results....that's what we do.

Web Design

Join the ranks of Harley-Davidson, Genetic Denim, Clear Channel Communications and many other Southwest Florida businesses that hired us at their Southwest Florida web designer.

Search Engine Optimization

Getting ranking on search engines can be as confusing as nuclear physics.  The in's and out's of what's involved can be overwhelming and should be left to professionals. Let us handle this.

Software Engineering

Ever feel like the program you bought just doesn't do what you want it to?  You need experienced developers to take over and make or modify your needs into reality.

Print Services

Business cards, stationary, bumper stickers...these are all key components of your swag kit.  We can not only design these but print these too at the best prices in town, guaranteed!

It's not too often that we feel compelled to post videos up or address common issues we've run into in our business on our OWN website.  We've made an exception for this.  As with most creative projects (remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, painting a car, home landscaping, graphic or web design, etc.) there are usually two common issues.  One - there are a ton of people offering the same service (don't get this confused with them being of the same caliber).  Two - the pricing varies from one service provider to another.

Many people think because company A offers a service at a particular rate that company B should also.  This just isn't the case.  This video should clear things up as to why.


The bottom line is, you get what you pay for.  Chevy and Mercedes both make cars, but both vehicles are in two completely different categories.  Make sense now?

So how do we solve this problem on who to pick?  Here are some pointers.

  • Look at their portfolio: You will know the quality of work you receive by looking at their past projects.  The greater variety of design styles, the better the designer.  This means the designer will likely provide a great idea that is unique to your project.
  • Shop around: It doesn't hurt to get quotes and proposals for projects.  Have a stack of them ready and do your research.  Narrowed it down to the final three and then....
  • Ask questions: What's your background?  What are your strengths?  What industries have you done work for?  How accessible are you? Where is my website hosted?  What does it cost for updates?  A good and experienced service provider will have answered these questions before and should deliver an answer relatively quickly.

Once you've picked a service provider, make sure you have an outline of all of the services being provided.  You can't go wrong with a check list.  This allows everyone to know what has or has not been accomplished.  When you receive an invoice, you'll know exactly where your money is going.

Today we are officially announcing the expansion of our graphic,  web design and development services to Texas, New York, Atlanta and Italy.  Despite our website being quiet for quite some time, we've been very busy working on integrating a reliable system for our associates here to work together on developing your projects on a global level.

They'll soon get their own profile page, but in the mean time we can introduce you to our global associates.  We're excited to have Al Adorno out of Houston, Texas and Christina Adorno from Genova, Italy on our team.

After countless hours of studying, practice, trial runs, tests and many sore fingers, we're proud to announce we now offer iPhone and Android app development.  Why?  Well it's simple...you asked for it.  We were getting calls on app development, only to turn them to another company.  We also feel this pushes our company in the direction we'd like it to go.  So far, we're a few months deep into it and the success has been good.

Looks like we have a winner!  It was me :)  So now that we have some variations of the logo we'd like you to help us choose which you like most.  Just comment on Facebook or on our page to tell us what you think.



Well, um....what can we say?  The submissions we received were not what we expected.  Maybe we needed more exposure to reach a larger crowd or a better prize to entice people to submit entries.  So, we found a really talented guy in town that is working on it.  To those of you who submitted an entry, thank you.  Keep up on your work and we know you'll do great.  Pro Exotica will be up within the next few months.

Wow, how many times can we as consumers say that we've been ripped off by a company or have had the worst of service from small companies to corporations.  Customer service is a no-brainer. You MUST take care of your clients.  Personally speaking, I know I've had instances where I could have done better or more.  That being said, I try my best to make all of my clients happy.

I received an email Thursday morning from the owner of a hosting company in response to a post I put up about the experience we had with them after having been a client of theirs for years.


One more update on MovingSux.com, the moving company my brother started.  New business card for him being printed by our friends over at Breakin' Out Graphics.

My brother, Will Adorno, is starting a moving company called Moving Sucks.  I love the name.  Moving does really suck.  With the amount of experience he has in moving (lord has this man moved a lot) he's very qualified to help you move.  Anything from appliances to your whole home, he's got you covered.  The catch?  The movers are my brother and his "brothers", who are all off duty firefighters.  That being said, here's his new logo.  The website is soon to come.


Naples - Fort Myers - Cape Coral Web Designer | Evolution Dynamics wants to show some love for the Facebook group Love Our Soldiers.  This is a great group to join if you know of someone in or was in the military.  This page is a great opportunity to share your love for your family member or friend in the military by sharing photos and stories of your experiences.  Take a minute to join and spread the love.

Project: Pro Exotica

Scope: Logo Design

Prize: iPod Touch

Deadline: October 15th, 2010

Details:  Automotive company in need of a logo.  Should be very representative of being rare, exotic, powerful.  Possible ideas for a logo would be making a logo similar to a badge on a car (either trunk lettering type or front emblem).  Another possible direction is the concept of the wings similar to Aston Martin or Bentley with a mixture of the shield from PGO or Gumpert.  Here are some images and inspirational links.


After an EXTREMELY long hiatus, The Graffiti Concept is back.  Bigger, stronger, faster and ready to bring you the best in Graffiti Marketing and Management.  If you're new to the concept or don't remember, the Graffiti Concept is a means of improving the way you run your business, it's lifestyle, it's culture and marketing based on the ideaology and practices of a graffiti writer.  Graffiti has been around for ages.  Centuries ago Romans began writing graffiti to mark the walls of neighboring buildings to indicate their "red light district".  Since then, the use of graffiti has definitely taken a turn from the adult business and moved on to being more of an in-your-face expression of thoughts and emotions.

Why graffiti?  That's quite simple.  So You simply cannot ignore graffiti.  It's seen from a far and if properly placed it will stay there for a VERY long time.  Also, the terminology and actions are quite simple to understand.  For example, "stickies" are graffiti written on "hello my name is" stickers or items of the like.  These are easily deployed and can be found everywhere.  This stickers are hardly ever removed and are remembered for being there.  This same concept should apply to your marketing efforts.  Swag (the crap people give away...and it usually is crap) should be "sticky".  Memorable, useful and it should be everywhere.....but that's left for another blog post.

So, stick around.  We've got some great information to send your way here within the next few days.  Also, don't forget to "like" this article and our Facebook page.

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It's our main content management system (CMS) we like to use to drive websites that need a powerful and robust management system.


Wordpress is a secondary CMS system we use for clients that are looking for more of a blogging platform and not much else.  Wordpress is, however, very flexible and powerful.

Gantry System

Gantry is a comprehensive set of building blocks to enable the rapid development and realization of a design into a flexible and powerful web platform theme.  It is based on the 960 Grid System.

Linux - Apache - MYSQL - PHP

This is our perfect combination for Server Technology.  Proven to be fast, reliable and consistent, the combination of these platforms has served our company and thousands of others very well.